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Email Marketing

E-mail marketing has evolved to become one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to communicate with your customers. We can give e-mail campaigns greater personalisation, more relevant messages, and more powerful impact. We can help you make the most of this valuable medium to strengthen current customer relationships and build valuable new ones.

E-mail can be used in every step of the marketing and sales process, from driving traffic and building brands, to customer service and marketing special offers.

Communication via email is fast and extremely cheap. Reactions can be gathered in fractions of seconds. The response rates of true Permission Marketing reaches a fantastic 5 to 15 per cent which makes Permission Based Marketing one of the most efficient forms of advertising.

Please Remember: Don't send e-mail to people who haven't asked for it. That's called Spam, and it can do you more harm than good. Please ignore the Spam you get offering to sell you a million e-mail names for a few pennies – you may as well take that money and burn it. That will probably do you less harm and cost you a lot less in the long run. We will help you build your list of contacts who not only agree to receive email from you but are actually pleased when you send it.

Spam is the biggest drain on email systems worldwide. You don’t like receiving Spam, we don’t like receiving Spam and so therefore we don’t condone Spam. In reality PERMISSION BASED EMAIL MARKETING WORKS, Spam doesn’t. To make it work properly you just need that little extra effort, that little extra commitment and that little extra understanding to make it work.

What we are good at?
• You can control just about everything that you need to display
• You can control it all VERY EASILY
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